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Dance performance by the novel of M. de Servanteso to the music by L. A. Minkus

Choreographer - Oleg Gluškov.

Stage designer - Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer - Kęstas Rimdžius.


Don Kichotas - Nerijus Tauskus.

Dulsinėja - Rūta Juodzevičiūtė.

Sanča Pansa - Andrius Žužžalkinas.


Premiere - 27th of March, 2008.


Oleg Gluskov is a choreographer and docent of Moscow Theatre Academy. “Donkey Hot” was created especially for A│CH Dance Theatre. The humorous and colorful performance is an interpretation of a novel “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes. The exceptional sense of humor and innovative choreography made the performance acceptable for a wide audience. The main character of the performance is a man who fights against injustice in the same way Don Quixote did.


The journey of Don Quixote begins when he gets bored with his daily routine and decides to change the world into good. But…he makes a mistake by starting with the others, not with himself… However, before ending at the same point where he began Don Quixote experiences many adventures.

 First of all, together with his companionship Sancho Panza he meets a group of local girls and falls in love with Dulcinea. Dulcinea’s rebellious character shows up when she starts slapping every man nearby. To make her fall for him Don Quixote has to fight the typical “heroes” of our days – the dressy dandies with Elvis Presley’s hairstyle. After fighting the dandies Don Quixote shows his “goodness” to the world by saving a student from the rape, by rescuing a little girl from her family rudeness…

But Don Quixote is hot-tempered and thus cannot avoid being burned. His good will brings him to the bitter end.



This performance will not be displayed any time soon.

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