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Dance performance initiated by the company “Bite Lithuania”

Choreographer ‒ Anželika Cholina.

Stage designer ‒ Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer ‒ Kęstas Rimdžius.



Andrius Žužžalkinas, Martynas Rimeikis, Eligijus Butkus, Laimis Roslekas, Donatas Bakėjus, Romas Ceizaris, Igoris Zaripovas, Laurynas Navickas, Margarita Makejeva, Margarita Verigaitė, Kristina Galalytė, Inga Cibulskytė, Giedrė Zaščižinskaitė, Jekaterina Romankova and Modesta Butautytė.


Duration - 35 minutes.


Dance performance is about nature and man. Ballet artists are impersonating the elements of Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Andrius Žužžalkinas’s character is the only Human Being there. He tells a story about human’s endless confrontation with nature. Paradoxically nature represents his own interior world.


Stylist Kestas Rimdžius made his debut here as a designer of theatre costumes. Rimdžius‘s costumes are more subtle and functional than theatrical, which adds a new meaning to the concept of the performance.


„This performance is totally different from my other works: there is no plot, but lots of dance, beauty and magic." 


This performance will not be shown any time soon.

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