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Dance performance based on the last Federico Garcia Lorca‘s play

Choreographer ‒ Anželika Cholina.

Stage designer ‒ Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer ‒ Jolanta Rimkutė, Marija Rubavičiūtė.



Bernarda Alba ‒ Aušra Gineitytė.

Angustia, Bernarda’s daughter ‒ Indrė Pačėsaitė, Domicelė Tautkaitė.

Magdalena, Bernarda’s daughter ‒ Jolanta Kriščiūnaitė, Sigutė Mikalauskaitė, Brigita Urbietytė.

Amelia, Bernarda’s daughter ‒ Indrė Bacevičiūtė, Indrė Radzevičiūtė.

Martiria, Bernarda’s daughter ‒ Ramunė Balsevičiūtė, Giedrė Zaščižinskaitė.

Adela, Bernarda’s daughter ‒ Agnė Ramoškaitė, Giedrė Subotinaitė.

Maria Chosefa, Bernarda’s mother ‒ Loreta Raškevičiūtė, Edita Stundytė.

Pepe ‒ Donatas Bakėjus, Eligijus Butkus, Nerijus Tauskus.


Duration ‒ 80 minutes.

Premiere ‒ July 2000.


Candle lights and sobbing pale faces create the atmosphere of deep suffering and drama. These women have to choose between rigid tradition and love.


Dance performance “The house of Bernarda Alba” is based on the last Federico Garcia Lorca’s play. The story is unique and tragic. After her husband’s death Bernarda Alba with her five daughters decides to mourn for eight years inside of her house with doors and windows closed. This archaic tradition condemns the entire Alba’s family to years of silence. But a gipsy man comes and secretly opens the door of this dead house. From then on the five sisters have to choose to fight their passion or resign.



This performance will not be displayed any time soon.

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