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Dance performance in two acts by the novel of Fyodor Dostoyevsky by Giya Kancheli music

Director-choreographer – Anželika Cholina.

Set designer – Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer – Olga Filatova.

Light designer - Tadas Valeika.



Myshkin – Donatas Švirėnas

Nastasja Filipovna – Beata Molytė

Rogozhin – Rokas Spalinskas

Aglaja – Audronė Dirsytė 


Duration – 2 hours 20 min.

Premiere – September 18, 2017.

Performing 17 artists.

One of the most famous novels of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) – The Idiot – is now reborn on the stage of the Lithuanian theatre. Translated into the language of dance by the director of the performance, choreographer Andželika Cholina, this work provides an innovative glance to the most pressing issues of the present, destroying human individuality and, at the same time, giving hope to those who have not yet given up to the rules of this era...

“The present time has deprived the feeling of oneself, the attention and respect for one's individuality. We often are unable to see the light in ourselves or in others. And even if we succeed in doing this, today it is quickly labelled as a manifestation of oddity. As human seems to have lost his rights, and no longer can be different” – A. Cholina.

From surgical viewpoint, F. Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, written 150 years ago, becomes a completely modern literary material. The main character of this story, prince Myshkin, becomes the embodiment of humanity through which Dostoyevsky shows what can happen when such a person is facing the society. The idiocy of Myshkin often is in clash with public norms, thus demonstrating the dignity of the prince.

The Idiot, performance by A|CH, uses the subtle dance language, to open up these highly sensitive wounds of society and humanity. It looks for answers to one of the most pressing questions of our age: “Has a modern man lost his ability to be himself? Can he still be saved?

Actor Donatas Švirėnas, who plays Myshkin, believes that the strongest human muscle is the heart. “The only problem is that people had different hearts at all times: some are called heartless, others have a very wide heart; there are broken hearts, hurting hearts, and others hearts are rejoicing. My character has a very open heart, welcoming everyone, despite the time, culture and society standards. It will only depend on the person himself whether he will become better or trample it”, Donatas says.

The composition of the performers is also unusual. A. Cholina chose not only dancers but also drama theatre actors and singers to embody the characters of the work. F. Dostoyevsky's characters demand the depth and full devotion of the artist's infinite spirit. Thus, this diverse composition of the performance allowed the choreographer to create extremely interesting, sensitive and multi-faceted roles.

“Performance is like a war, where you have to conquer the viewer, and The Idiot's crew is very talented, strong, having the weapons that you need to achieve victory... So, it's just a matter of feeling, seeing a partner, hearing the music, and doing the right tasks correctly”, says Donatas Švirėnas, the player of the main role of Myshkin.


November 27-28 - State academic E. Vakhtangov theatre, Moscow.

January 4 - Girstutis culture centre, Kaunas;

January 5 - "Fisherman's palace", Klaipėda; 

Giya Kancheli

The performance is inspiring with its impressive and dramatic music of Giya Kancheli.

We are happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Giya Kancheli – the music of the performance is very close to Dostoyevsky's characters. Musical emotional intensity creates the drama of the play.

 From the letter of Gia Kancheli: “My dear Andželika! I watched your staged ballet with great interest and was convinced that you have a rare individuality, and also realized that you are familiar with my work better than anyone else. Please accept my gratitude for the kind attitude towards my music.”

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