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Dance  performance to the music by contemporary composers

Choreographer ‒ Anželika Cholina.

Stage designer ‒ Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designers ‒ Marija Rubavičiūtė and Kotryna Pociūnaitė.



Romeo ‒ Martynas Rimeikis.

Juliet ‒  Margarita Makejeva.

Merkucio ‒ Andrius Žužžalkinas.

Benvolio ‒ Eligijus Butkus.

Tebald ‒ Aurelijus Daraškevičius.

Nanny ‒ Sigutė Mikalauskaitė.

Monteki ‒ Evaldas Jaras and Deimantė Kupstaitė.

Kapuleti ‒ Saulius Balandis ir Aušra Gineitytė.

Pari ‒ Donatas Bakėjus.


Premiere – 28th of March, 2003.


During the 100-minute spectacle, the rapidly changing scenes present the beauty of a six-day-long story about love and death.

© Dmitrijus Matvejevas


It's a grandiose performance, a synthesis of dance, drama and music. The choreographer does not follow the exact story of Shakespeare’s legendary drama, but focuses on the emotional aspect. Ability to feel and to love is placed on a pedestal, but it fails to reach fulfillment due to the unfavorable environment, family confrontations and insensitivity.



This performance will not be displayed any time soon.

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