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Dance performance to the Marlene Dietrich’s songs

Choreographer ‒ Anželika Cholina.

Stage designer ‒ Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer ‒ Juozas Statkevičius.


26 artists took part in the performance.

Duration ‒ 1 hour 10 min.

Premiere ‒ 1998 February 23.


“Songs of women” is the performance where ballet artists are dancing along with drama actors. This kind of cooperation gave an incredible results ‒ the performance became legendary in Lithuania. The choreographer A. Cholina turned famous actresses into talented dancers, and ballet artists had an opportunity to focus on acting.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere is created by the deep enchanting voice of Marlene. It weaves the mood from sad to joyful.

Dietrich’s songs are strange and sorrowful World War II songs that used to squeeze tears, raise hopes and help to forget. The music, the setting, the costumes, the choreography and mise-en-scène easily plunge the audience into the mist of this nostalgic and decadent mood.


This performance will not be displayed any time soon.

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